The cross-section for graviton scatter, scaled by Feynman’s rules from the weak interaction

28 November 2011 update: the edited PDF of the first 48 pages (excluding the references) is linked here (6 MB download, PDF file). The full paper is nearing completion and should be uploaded soon, after the reference list and final proof-reading has been done. Although this is an extension of previously published research from 1996 with updates from this blog and others, the paper is not just a summary of previously published material, but a completely fresh approach altogether.

There are pedagogy and presentation problems: “Darwin’s theory of evolution is disproved because Lamarke had an evolution theory before Darwin, which was wrong.” (Joseph McCarthy’s “guilt by false association”, applies to LeSage’s gravity mechanism. If one person gets something wrong, nobody else is ever allowed to correct the errors in it. Darwin was only able to proceed by pretending that Lamarke hadn’t existed. Science is not a logical system where errors get corrected. It’s a political process whereby theories are pre-judged in their incorrect nascent state, then dismissed for ever when found incorrect. If someone else later corrects all the errors, that person is wrong by being “associated”, much like friends of people who turned out to have been student communist party members were guilty of being Stalin’s friends, in McCarthy’s eyes. This story is of course usually turned around to a very different conclusion: the fact that McCarthy was wrong in shooting everyone who had ever heard of Marx was used to try to “defend” Stalin’s evil, a kind of one upmanship or reversal of McCarthy’s trick. Anyone criticising Stalin was then compared to McCarthy, and their message unheeded. Science is more political than normal politics, because it pretends that there is no political element and uses this deception to “disprove” the need for democratic debate, etc. Science is the worst sort of politics, the sort which pretends it’s always justified by good intentions, no matter the consequences, exactly like Stalinism and Nazism, but Godwin help you if you say it.)