another specious “no go theorem” test

Another specious “no go theorem” test, full of speculative and false assumptions claims to disprove time varying G:

“Gravitational constant appears universally constant, pulsar study suggests
“The fact that scientists can see gravity perform the same in our solar system as it does in a distant star system helps confirm that the gravitational constant truly is universal.”
By NRAO, Charlottesville, VA | Published: Friday, August 07, 2015

This is a good example of the quack direction of where mainstream “science” is going: papers taking some measurements, then using an analysis riddled with speculative assumptions to “deduce” a result that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, but serves xsimply to defend speculative dogma from the only real danger to it, that people might work on alternative ideas. Like racism, the “no go theorem” uses ad hoc but consensus-appearing implicit and explicit assumptions with a small sprinkling of factual evidence to provide allow the mainstream trojan horse of orthodoxy to survive close scrutiny.

This mainstream defending “no go theorem” game was started by Ptolemy’s false claim in 150 AD that the solar system can’t be right, because – if it was right – then the earth’s equator would rotate at about 1,000 miles an hour at the equator and – according to Aristotle’s laws of motion (which remained for over 1,400 years, until Descartes and Newton came up with rival laws of motion) clouds would whiz by at 1,000 miles an hour and people would also be thrown off earth by that “violent” motion.

Obviously this no-go theorem was false, but the equator really does rotate at that speed. So there was some fact and some fiction, blended together, by Ptolemy’s ultimate defense of the earth centred universe against Aristarchus of Samos’s 250 BC theory of the solar system and the rotating earth. The arguments about a varying gravitational coupling are similarly vacuous.

Please let me explain. The key fact is, if gravity is due to an asymmetry in forces, which is the case for the Casimir force, then you don’t vary the “gravitational” effect by varying the underlying force for a stable orbit, or any other equilibrium system, like the balance of Coulomb repulsion between hydrogen nuclei in a star, and the gravitational compression.

Put in clearest terms, if you have a tug of war on a rope where there is an equilibrium, then adding more pullers equally to each end of the rope has no net effect, nothing changes.

Similarly, if two matched arm wrestlers were to increase their muscle sizes by the same amount, nothing changes. Similarly, in an arms race if both sides in military equilibrium (parity) increase their weapons stockpiles by the same factor, neither gains an advantage contrary to CND’s propaganda (in fact, the extra deterrence makes a war less likely).

Similarly, if you increase the gravitational compression inside a star by increasing the coupling G, while the electromagnetic (Coulomb repulsion) force increases similarly due to a shared ultimate (unified force theory) mechanism, then the sun doesn’t shine brighter or burn out quicker. The only way that a varying G can have any observable effect is if you make an assumption – either implicitly or explicitly – that G varies with time in a unique way that isn’t shared by other forces. Such an assumption is artificial, speculative, and totallyy specious, and a good tell-tale sign that a science is going corruptly conservative and anti-radical in a poor form of propaganda (good propaganda being honest promotion of objective successes, rather than fake dismissals of all possible alternatives to mainstream dogma), by inventing false or fake reasons to defend status quo and “shut down the argument”. Ptolemy basically said “look the SCIENCE HAS SETTLED, the solar system must be wrong because (1) our gut reaction rejects it as contrived, (2) it disagrees with existing laws of motion by the over hyped expert Aristotle, and (3) we have mathematically fantastic theory of epicycles that can be arbitrarily fiddled to fit any planetary motion, without requiring the earth to rotate or orbit the sun.” That was “attractive” for a long time!

Edward Teller in 1948 first claimed to disprove Dirac’s varying G idea by using an analogously flawed argument to that he used to delay the development of the hydrogen bomb. If you remember the story, Teller at first claimed falsely that compression has no effect on thermonuclear reactions in the hydrogen bomb. He claimed that if you compress deuterium and tritium (fusion fuel), the compressed fuel burns faster, but the same efficiency of burn results. He forgot that the ratio of surface area for escaping heat (x rays in the H bomb) to mass is reduced if you compress the fuel, so that his scaling laws argument is fake. If you compress the fuel, the reduced surface area causes a reduced loss of X-ray energy from the hot surface, so that a higher temperature in the core is maintained, allowing much more fusion that occurs in uncompressed fuel.

Likewise, Teller’s 1948 argument against Dirac’s varying gravitational coupling theory is bogus, because of his biased and wooden, orthodox thinking: if you G with time in the sun, it doesn’t affect the fusion rate because there’s no reason why the similar inverse square law Coulomb force’s coupling shouldn’t vary the same way. Fusion rates depend on a balance between Coulomb repulsion of positive ions (hydrogen nuclei) and gravitational compression. If both forces in an equilibrium are changed the same way, no imbalance occurs. Things remain the same. If you have one baby at each end of a see-saw in balance in a park, and then add another similar baby to each end, nothing changes!

It proves impossible to explain this to a biased mathematical physicist who is obsessed with supergravity and refuses to think logically and rationally about alternatives. What happens then is that you get a dogma being defended by false “no go theorems” that purport to close down all alternative ideas that might possibly threaten their funding, prestige or more likely, that threaten “anarchy” and “disorder”. Really, when a religious dogma starts burning heretics, is not a conspiracy of self-confessed bigots who know they are wrong, trying to do evil to prevent the truth coming out. What really happens is that these people are ultra-conservative dogmatic elitists, camouflaged as caring, understanding, honest liberals. They really believe they’re right, and that their attempts to stifle or kill off honest alternatives using specious no-go theorems are a real contribution to physics.

Feynman’s “rules” for calculating Feynman diagrams, which represent terms in the perturbative Taylor series type expansion to a path integral in quantum field theory, allow very simple calculations of quantum gravity. The Casimir force of a U(1) Abelian dark energy (repulsive force) theory is able to predict the coupling correctly for quantum gravity.   We do this by Feynman’s rule for a two vertex Coulomb type force diagram (which contributes far more to the result than diagrams with more vertices), which implies that the ratios of cross-sections for interactions is proportional to the square of the ratios of the couplings.  We know the cross section for the weak nuclear force and we know the couplings for both gravity and the weak nuclear force.  This gives us the gravitational interaction cross-section.

To get the cross-sections in similar dimensional units for this application of Feynman’s rules, we use a well-established method to get each coupling into units of GeV^{-2}.  The Fermi constant for the weak interaction is divided by the cube of the product h-bar and the velocity of light, while the Newtonian constant G is divided by the product of h-bar and c^5.  This gives a Fermi coupling of 1.166 x 10^{-5} GeV^{-2}, and a Newtonian coupling for gravity of 6.709 x 10^{-39} GeV^{-2}, the ratio of which is squared using Feynman’s rules to obtain the ratio of cross-sections for the fundamental interactions.  This is standard physics procedure.  All we’re doing is taking standard procedures and doing something new with them, predicting dark energy (and vice versa, calculating gravity from dark energy).  Nobody seems to want to know, even Gerard ‘t Hooft rejected a paper using the specious argument that because we’re not “citing recent theoretical journal papers” it can’t be hyped in his Foundations of Physics, which seems to require prior published work in the field, not a new idea.  (Gerard ‘t Hooft’s silly argument would demand Newton to extend Ptolemy’s theory of epicycles, or be censored out, in effect.)

In this theory, particles are pushed together locally by the fact that we’re surrounded by the mass of the universe, and gauge bosons for dark energy (observed cosmological acceleration) are being exchanged between the masses in an apple and the masses in the surrounding universe.

Here’s a new idea. If one tenth of the energy currently put into inventing negative false “no go theorem” objections to established facts that are “heretical” or “taboo” in physics, were instead directed towards constructive criticisms and developments of new predictions, physics could probably break out of its current moratorium today. Arthur C. Clarke long ago made the observation that when subjective, negative scientists claim to invent theorems to “disprove” the possibility of a certain research direction achieving results and overthrowing mainstream dogma, they’re more often wrong than when they do objective work.

It’s very easy to point out that any new, radical idea is incompatible with some old dogma that is “widely held and established orthodoxy”, partly because that’s pretty much the definition of progress (unless you define all progress as merely adding another layer of epicycles to a half baked mainstream theory in order to make it compatible with the latest data on the cosmological acceleration), and partly because the new idea is born half baked not having been researched with lavish funding for decades or longer by many geniuses.

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  1. I love what you say. There is a similar problem in brain research. It seems that funds are given only to orthodox research or those who proves orthodox ways. Carl Hempel’s raven theory is more and more embedded in the matter of human minds…. Thank you for your post. I have followed you on Dialogos of Eide also.

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