Truth (the complete facts) versus propaganda (selected facts used to enforce bigotry)

Truth (the complete facts) versus propaganda (selected facts used to enforce bigotry)

Nigel Cook quantum gravity the 1996 quantitative prediction of dark energy from a simple ENTIRELY FACT BASED calculation before its discovery in 1998 by perlmutter leading to his Nobel prize

It is now 20 years since 1996, when we proved using existing facts that we can predict dark energy:

  1. The mass of the universe can be estimated from observations of density and size.
  2. Newton’s second empirical law F = ma relates a force to mass and acceleration.
  3. The gravity cross-section is calculable from Feynman’s rules, by scaling an observed nuclear weak force cross-section to gravitation using the observed ratio of gravitational to Fermi (weak force) coupling.
  4. Applying simple Casimir geometry, facts 1-3 above predict dark energy from gravity!

What I’ve found however, from Physical Review Letters nonsense (here and here) as well as bigoted nonsense in Physics Forums and from physics friends, some with research PhD’s like Mario Rabinowitz, is that the above list of simple facts which predicted quantitatively a good, accurate estimate of dark energy in 1996, two years before observation, is hated.

It’s either falsely deemed “speculative” when it’s not, or it’s deemed to predict nothing, when it factually predicted a discovery in 1998 that won a Nobel prize for Perlmutter who observed evidence for dark energy in supernovae redshifts, or it’s simply hated for being “unorthodox”.

What we have in today’s “science” is an untruthful perversion of facts by propaganda, which deliberately censors out facts that would lead in new directions.  This is nothing “new”, we saw it in the way that people pandered to eugenicists like Charles Darwin’s cousin, Sir Francis Dalton, and also gas chamber pro-fascist eugenicist and Medical Nobel Laureate, Alexis Carrell.  Nobody ever opposed eugenics scientifically by simply pointing out that evolution requires diversity, e.g. diversity of ideas.  That’s why theoretical physics bigots have a field day now, turning it into groupthink socialism or a form of power-corrupt communism, a self-praising form of hatred towards all expressions of individual progress that don’t fit into a union or group that’s based on hatred towards innovators. Fact based theory is hated by everybody because there is no way to oppose it truthfully; all opposing the full facts (the truth) are wrong.  Everyone opposing the truth is wrong.  Of course, many of those nasty guys will have excuses to hand.  They don’t have time for such things, it’s somebody else’s responsibility, or whatever.

If instead of expressing ignorant hatred towards calculations they have not bothered to read, they spend just a small fraction of that wasted time on objective criticism and discussion, just imagine what progress could be made rapidly in quantum gravity!