Dr Peter Woit calls Trump supporters ignorant racists, while asking them not to vote for him

God bless America.
Comparison between the USA Today national polling average and the Biased Bigots Corrupt (aka BBC) poll of polls (discredited during the June 2016 Brexit vote).

“Most people here in New York City probably do think you’re an ignorant racist. Your problem though is that Donald Trump is one of us.”

– Dr Peter Woit, Columbia Mathematics Department quantum field theorist, http://www.math.columbia.edu/~woit/wordpress/?p=8864

How much is he being paid by Trump?  He is certainly supporting the guy.

No mention from Woit of the casualties caused by Hillary Clinton’s bombing of Libya into civil war. This is relevant for physics, because it explains the kind of elitist narcissism that has rotted all areas of academia and other establishments, like government.  Woit’s solution is dictatorship, turning off comments on his blog to avoid criticisms.  Brave hero.

Update (10 November 2016): God Bless America, and give thanks for Peter Woit’s spoof blog post and many others in the media, for contributing to Trump’s victory

I’ve compared Brexit to the 8 November 2016 election of Donald J. Trump over on my anti-war blog, here. The good doctor Woit has now published another spoof political blog post, The Day After, in which he declares he’s headed to emigrate to Paris (presumably to do the same for the hard-right French National Front’s Marine Le Pen, that he did for Trump).

One thought on “Dr Peter Woit calls Trump supporters ignorant racists, while asking them not to vote for him

  1. NIGEL B COOK comment to a Catt displacement current blogger post MADE IN IBIZA 16 OCT 2017

    I met Catt several times and wrote some articles in Electronics World about his work. In any matter of factual so-called controversy between us, he was precisely like the kind of elitist, hubris obsessed professor snobs he claims to dislike. I was actively trying to collaborate with him on developing a quantum field theory model of electromagnetism from 1996-2006. He employed all the same tactics I still get from the mainstream physicists.

    He simply is not interested in the fundamental science, at least now, but instead – like the physics community – uses his own biases about what he considers fashionable to decide what to even read, let alone study carefully. When I asked him, eventually after ten years of time wasting in 2006, what he aimed to achieve, I was shocked when he told me his dream would be a big conference on the work of Ivor Catt. (That is probably what Dr Mainstream Physicist also dreams of, but wíll not admit it, in other words egotism.) If I had know that in 1996, I would not have wasted so much time and effort, believing his written claims to be so concerned with science.

    Let me just make the key point about what displacement current really is in the space around the two conductors guiding a logic pulse of electricity. Forget the Catt anomaly diagram with its Heaviside square wave shaped pulse. The real pulse will have a finite not zero rise time, since radio transmission is proportional to the rate of change of the current which cannot be infinite (which it would be if di/dt = di/0 for Catt/Heaviside approximation). Thus, Catt/Heaviside made an error in his diagram which prevents it showing any realistic variation in current! This means he has ignored displacement, which he then claims to have disproved. (A totally false argument.)

    Anyway, please now consider each conductor a dual transmittter and receiver antenna. Each conductor in the transmission line carries an exactly inverted current waveform of the other, and thus transmits a radio energy signal which is exactly out of phase with the other conductor. My finding was that this IS displacement current. Each conductor in the (ramping) rise time of the current phase of a pulse of electricity is swapping energy with the other by transmitting as much power to the other conductor, as it receives back from it! There is a perfect equilibrium of transverse transmission of radio frequency power from one conductor to the other. This is so called displacement current. It is the mechanism. Catt would not listen to this. It is crucial for improving understanding of electromagnetic theory, used as the quantum electrodynamics theory in the Standard Model.

    Note that no energy is lost from the power transmission line by the transverse radio frequency transmission/reception mechanism in the changing current phase at the front of the logic pulse (where di/dt is not equal to zero, unlike the steady current phase behind the front in the Catt diagrams). You can see this by considering the superposition of radio frequency waveforms at a distance from the transmission line which is large in comparison to the distance of between the conductors. E.g. if you are 1 metre from a transmission line where the conductors are 1 mm apart, your distance from each conductor is the same to within 1 part in 1000, so you receive an almost perfect cancellation of radio signals: the signal from each conductor is perfectly inverted from the other, and the two, when superimposed as you receive them, cancel out!

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